“Leadership Through Music” Program 2013 with Manta Ray Records!

Have you heard the great news?  Mike Diamond, owner of Manta Ray Records, and Oak Hill House & School are involved in a life-changing program designed for youth in placement and foster care, called “Leadership Through Music”!  This program allows teams to work on 3 singles, submit their best single for judging and win the chance to have the winning single released for public consumers, radio and purchase!  Three of our boys are finishing up their winning single now and we plan to make this program available to more agencies once we finish this pilot!  Thanks Mr. Avey!  Thanks Mr. Mike!  Thanks Mr. Stephan, our Residential Director, who spent the last few months working with the guys to complete their project!

This project taught the guys leadership development, healthy competition, task completion, time management, deadline adherence, social skills, team work, music industry career opportunities, and how to manage themselves in the community among other valuable skills!  Needless to say, their self esteem is through the roof!  A special thanks to all the parents who allowed their children to participate!  Stay tuned for more good news from Oak Hill House & School!

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